Find a Emergency Vet Clinic Near You

When faced with a pet emergency you will need to stay calm. Preparation is an essential part of dealing with an emergency. Access to Animal Home online directory of emergency veterinary clinics in the U.S. will help you identify those closest to your location. You may also want to consider after-hours vets you could take your pet to.

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Understanding Pet Emergencies

Medical care is expensive. And this is why veterinarians ask pet owners to be attentive and use their best judgment when they decide to bring their pet to after-hour vets or an emergency animal hospital. Most first time owners may find themselves worried every time their pet shows unusual behavior.

Pet owners consider taking their pets to emergency veterinary clinics or after-hours vets if the animal is bleeding, frequently vomiting, immobile, unable to attend to nature's calls or has diarrhea. Some common pet medical emergencies include accidents, bites or serious cuts, seizures, vomiting and inability to urinate.

Be Prepared

While it is impossible to predict a medical emergency, one can and should prepare for such a situation. Such preparation would include identifying after-hours vets or emergency veterinary clinics, and checking the directions and routes to reach them. It would be a good idea to save relevant phone numbers on your cell phone.

You will also need to consider how much a visit to a clinic or an emergency animal hospital would cost you. It is a good idea to have an emergency fund that you can depend on in times of crisis. Do remember that when you arrive at a clinic or hospital, you should bring along the relevant papers and medical history.

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